Steve Cox

This has been my first year doing any sort of Triathlon. The sport is something I have always really fancied doing but never had the confidence to get into, mainly due to me swimming like the proverbial house brick. Then one winter’s morning out on a ride over the Belgian flats I got talking to Joe and the Limitless journey began.

Talking to Joe it was apparent straight away his passion and appetite for both the sport and his new venture where insatiable. He gave me the push I needed to take the plunge.

;My want has always been to complete the IMUK event and with the motivational push from Joe the event was duly entered (go hard or go home), as warm ups 2 sprints and a half were also booked. Training wise, I decided I would print a plan off and work to it. Keeping the option to drop under Joe’s wing post Christmas. As it turned out I trained to my own plan all the way up to IMUK, but this is only half the story.

Joe being the man he is was more passionate about his Limitless team being a family it’s not all about the coaching. To this end he extended the Limitless arm and a during a few training run’s and ride’s he was only too happy to give advice and tips. I was also fortunate to get a slot on the Majorca training camp. All this is typical of what Joe has created in the Limitless family.

I am as always eternally grateful for the advice and help Joe has given me over 2018. Limitless is a family and without his and the rest of the guys help I would never have achieved the season I have to date.

The Family ethos extends beyond just the athletes; everyone is involved, the nights out, the support at events have all been absolutely brilliant.

I have said for some time I would complete IMUK and then knock the long course on the head, sticking to 70.3’s as the longest Tri I would enter. This lasted 2 mins, after crossing the IMUK finishing line I knew I wanted more. When Joe and Ian announced they were taking on more athletes I knew I was having one of the slots no matter what. So after a couple of messages and a brew with Joe I’m in. The first season was all about gaining experience; I hadn’t got a clue about anything, how would my body handle the training loads? How would the family react to all my time out training? How would I fair in the events? I am glad to say after the steepest of learning curves and a very supportive family all is good. 

So next season is about me challenging me, my goal is to improve on my first season. Having Joe and the Limitless family in my corner is without doubt the biggest advantage anyone could have. Bring it on!!!!