TrainingPeaks App and Dashboard

TrainingPeaks is compatible with computers and 100+ devices, so you can log your workouts, plan your season, and analyze your heart rate, power, pace and other data.

TrainingPeaks app

Basic Plan Premium Plan
Basic Features
Log your training on web, iOS or Android
Upload workouts from 100+ devices and mobile apps
View workout and fitness summaries
Use with a training plan or a coach
Track your equipment usage
smart Features
Create a periodized plan of weekly training hours with Annual Training Plan (ATP)
Plan future workouts
Build and use unlimited workout libraries
Sync your calendar with Outlook, Google and iCal
Dig deep into your intervals and efforts within individual workouts
Analyze your fitness trends with 30+ power, HR, pace, distance and other charts
Target your perfect build and taper with the Performance Management Chart
Make your numbers more accurate with data editing and elevation correction

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Both our Training Plans are suited for any athlete wanting to achieve their goals in triathlon.

Personalised training plan 16 week training plan