What we do

We can offer invaluable first-hand knowledge and advice on training and completing, knowing exactly what it’s like to be on that start line, to feel the pain and understand when to push harder. With a coach who has, and still is, competing at a high level, you will be able to tap into his experiences, knowing that he understands, as he’s been there too. We pride ourselves on providing customised programmes for all our athletes, taking into account personal circumstances, requirements and goals, never adopting a one-size fits all approach.

At Limitless we are proud to call ourselves a family. Of course our primary focus is you as an athlete however, we believe the foundations of all triathlon success is based on limitless family support and encouragement. We welcome all family members to the Limitless Family, an invite only Facebook page, so everyone can feel involved and get to know each other. We will encourage athletes to train together and families to meet up at races to show their support. We also have family get-togethers throughout the year.

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