New Year - New Beginnings

New Year - New Beginnings

Happy New Year. If you are reading this, then welcome to the new Limitless Triathlon Coaching Website.

This is where all my blogs will now be located, but not only my blogs the whole team will be blogging here as well.  So the first of many blogs for 2018 is titled ‘New Year - New Beginnings’, but why?

2017 was different in a number of ways for me, I felt I had learned a hell of a lot about myself as an athlete and I had some great results. I had been self-coached since April and doing quite a lot of new sessions both on the bike and on the run, all of which seemed to pay massive dividends come race day. Another massive lesson last season was the toll 3 long course triathlons has on a 47 year old body. Being helped to the recovery area in Almere by two 70+ ladies wasn’t the ending to my season I had in mind.

So when I got home, I made a massive decision, something I didn’t do lightly and decided that I wanted to give coaching a go. I had, had a few enquiries mainly from close friends who wanted me to help them in 2018 to improve over the Iron distance.  After the results I had in 2017 I couldn’t see any reason why I couldn’t do that.

That’s when the idea grew arms and legs and Limitless Triathlon Coaching was conceived. Before I knew it I had 10 really keen friends and new acquaintances all wanting more including testing, kit and training camps in Majorca, but most importantly a team-based environment that not only involved the athletes, but the whole family!!

We’ve managed to secure a couple of sponsors for the team. Lantec who have built this fantastic website and have looked after me individually for the last 4 years are on board and are amazing. The wonderful Andy Hosgood at Summit Physiotherapy has given team members a deal that most of them have benefited from already. Additionally, Dave Bossom at Summit has looked at our strength and conditioning work and created individual swim, bike and run specific programs that work on general weaknesses which the guys have started to do and are loving.

Team members have a massive input into how things are done. We want to make Limitless different, not just through training, but the foundations on which this is built, a solid family and friends structure.  Anyone who gets involved and becomes part of the team will find his or her family members are also included. We’ve already had our first family get together and we plan to hold regular social events, arrange for family members to meet up to offer their support at races and we are even planning travelling and camping together at some summer races. 

A lot of the guys have booked races already so the race calendar for 2018 is looking very healthy, again the team ethos is evident here with Ricky Dewhurst producing the race calendar for all the guys to input their own races, hopefully ensuring that the guys car share etc. As we all know this is no cheap hobby!

Chris Dunn has also secured pool time for us on a Monday and Friday night at Brinscall pool and is keen to become involved on a coaching basis for the team. A number of the guys have been attending the swim sessions regularly and are seeing improvements already. Having a coach on the pool deck watching your every move cannot be beaten as far as improvement and feedback goes.

So what’s in store for 2018? Hopefully more success, not just for me, but for all the athletes and the team as a whole. My own personal success may well be judged a little differently this season. I expect this journey to impact a little on my own training and possibly my performances. As I stated earlier, this decision wasn’t taken lightly, I have people who are placing their trust in me for the next 10 months, all looking to reach their goals safely. I’m working extremely hard to ensure I am on the ball for them, if they achieve I have succeeded too.

As for me personally, well things actually got whole lot brighter in recent weeks. I truly believe that two heads are better than one, so I got myself a partner, and what a partner. Ian Roberts was the first guy I ever spoke to in triathlon in 2010. I did my British Triathlon Foundation coaching qualification with him and he is somebody I feel really privileged to have as a friend. He has come on board as a sprint and Olympic distance coach, his wealth of knowledge is incredible and all the team are benefitting from this already. Ian will be coaching me in the swim and bike aspect of the sport this season - A bit odd you might think, a coach being coached, but it works on two levels. Firstly I am now accountable to somebody, so no skipping sessions or going lightly, secondly Ian gets a chance to train an Ironman athlete, win, win !! Ian will be doing a blog in the next couple of weeks and I’m sure he will elaborate on this a bit more, but if you are looking for a coach for sprint or olympic distance triathlon, then you won’t go wrong. I’m seeing improvements in the pool and on the bike already, which excites me.

So if you want to know more Follow Limitless Triathlon Coaching on Facebook for regular blogs and updates from the coaches, team members and our sponsors. Events, special offers and tips will also be posted there also.  Anyone interested in becoming a coached athlete and part of Team Limitless please contact me via the contact page on this website or the Facebook page. 


Joanna Duckworth