The Kona Edge

The Kona Edge

So I'm sat at home after the 2Up duathlon, when a guy called Brad Brown sends me a message on Facebook.



'Hey Joe, Apologies for the message of the blue. My name is Brad Brown and I am a radio sport journalist based in Cape Town, South Africa. I currently host a daily sports show on a national talk station here in South Africa called SAfm. I have a huge interest in triathlon, in particular Ironman distance triathlons. Not only do I cover the sport but I have completed four Ironman events myself as well as many more halves. I own an website called The Kona Edge aimed specifically at age groupers who dream of qualifying for Kona. I would love to interview you for our podcast about your journey into triathlon and what it takes to qualify for and win the World Championships. If you would be open to it, I would only need an hour of your time and the interview will be conducted over Skype (Audio only). I look forward to hearing back from you and sharing your story with our audience.

So I looked Brad up and this is what I found out. Brad Brown is 30 something age grouper that dreams of one day qualifying for and racing on the big island (He may have to outlive everyone in his age group though).   Morbidly obese in 2009, Brad clocked in at 165kgs (363lbs) at his heaviest. He's subsequently lost a third of his body weight on the way to a half Ironman pb of 5:06 and a full Ironman pb of 12:21. So quite a guy I think you will all agree!!

Now I know I'm no expert in any of the discipline within triathlon, but I started the blog for very similar reasons to Brad's podcast, so it seemed like a good thing to do to share some of my experiences, good and bad with a wider audience. In my own little way if I can help one person to a good triathlon experience due to something I have said or done for them, then I feel as though I have given a little something back to the sport that quite simlpy changed my life. So below are the links to the interviews. There is one on how I got into the sport, then one on each of the four disciplines, swim, bike, run and nutrition. Have a listen if you like and I hope there is a little gem in there somewhere for you to use on your own triathlon journey.

Take it easy

Joe D

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Ironman Run

Ironman Nutrition

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