Kona Diary days 5 and 6

Kona Diary days 5 and 6

Day 5 and I'm getting my bearings!!!

Kona Diary Day 5

Up at 06:00 as per usual porridge, bagel then on the computer to talk to the family. They are really getting excited now and I can't wait to see them, they're gonna love this place. Then the usual ritual with a swim to the Kona coffee barge. I'm loving the regime and the taper is starting to kick in, everything is heading in the right direction. What is interesting is talking to the locals. They're saying it is unusually hot and humid even for Hawaii!!! well I said I wanted it tough. Having said that the winds on the Queen K haven't really shown there true colours yet. Yes there is a wind, ,  but nothing too bad. That could change very easily though!!! Still the ride went really well and I even managed to find a couple of really cool Decals to pimp up the wheels on the DA!! the race head is starting to kick in and the diet is gonna change tomorrow ready for Saturday!!


Kona Diary Day 6

So,  today I though it felt a little bit cooler,  as in I didn't feel like I was on fire at 09:00 when I registered for the race and picked up the standard Ironman rucksack, standard isn't entirely true,  as this one has Kona World Championships 2014 on it. The swim this morning was a little more choppy than the previous ones and I got a feeling for the potential conditions on Saturday. What is a bit intimidating here is the amount and the speed at which some of the athletes are training. I know for a fact for me to go like that in these conditions would do nothing but harm on Saturday when I'm gonna have to be spot on in all departments just to get round in one piece. That said,  after the swim all I had to do was a steady bike on the Queen K for 60 minutes. I did a lot of passing on this and wasn't passed. Maybe I'm training harder than I think. I didn't overheat during the session but went through nearly 1.5 litres of fluids which is a lot more than back home. The afternoon was taken up with a recce of Turtle Beach wthich is south of the condo. This is so I have somewhere nice to take the girls on Friday. It didn't disappoint on the turtle and tropical fish front, it was like swimming in an aquarium. Next mission of the day and the most surreal was to pick my underpants run competitor T-shirt from the athletes villiage. Who did I get it off, only Paula Newby Frazer. Only in Kona, this is an epic trip!!! Then the Parade of Nations. this is basically a get together of all the athletes and a lot of the volenteers for a parade down Ali'i Drive It was a great feeling seeing all the friends and families out supporting their respective athletes. Of course it ended in the Athletes villiage where you are tempted to spend a fortune. It is an Ironman event after all!!

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