Kona Diary days 3 and 4

Kona Diary days 3 and 4

There is nothing worse than a flat when you're flying

Sunday 6th October

This morning all was well with the world. Had a great nights sleep and I seemed to be getting over the jet lag. We had a bit of rain in the night and that seemed to have cooled the place down a little. It is only 06:30 when I make this assumption though. So much the same as yesterday I popped down to dig me for a bit of a dip, only 30 mins. This was a little rougher than yesterday but really pleasant as there was only a few of us swimming, so there was loads of marine life to look at. I can't wait until tomorrows swim when the Kona coffee boat will be in place. The expo opened today as well, I got a few bits but didn't go mad. I reckon this will change once Anna and Lucy arrive on Thursday though. The second session of the day was a 2 hour ride with a couple of efforts on the Queen K Highway. What can I say about this strip of road. well firstly, as far as Ironman goes its iconic, the winds are legendary and don't even get me started on the heat. Well today I got the lot, it was great. Great until the flat that is. About 30 miles in, flying and feeling great then that horrible thud, thud, thud as the valve hit the tarmac. The offending atricle was a piece of metal!! With that removed the Pitstop was deployed and inaffective. On with the spare tub. Marlon came to see all was Ok then went to recce the afternoon relaxation venue Mauni Lani beach. Best described as paradise!! warm blue sea, loads of tropical fish and an abundance of really friendly sea turtles. I cannot wait to take the family here when they arrive. So we spent the day getting burned on the beach. Here are some saying from Marlon the man who brought you the classic 'I'd rather s£$t on my hands and clap'

'Look at the state of ya, you're sweating like a glass blowers arse' on the state of me after the ride on Queen K

'You've got a face like a furness inspector' My sunburn.

and finally he asked me last night 'Is your arse sore'.

'No why' me says

'I was just wondering seeming as that bloke just raped you' on me paying $40 for some tub tape, 2 CO2 canisters and some pitstop!!!


Monday 7th October


So the sleep pattern isn't back to normal yet. I was on facebook receiving and replying to messages from my mate Lee at 3:30 this morning. I was up eating porride at 5:30 and on face time to the family back home at 6:30. Then it is on with another day in paradise. The swim session was a lot busier this morning, in fact the whole island seems a lot busier. There are extremely fit people where ever you look, I've never seen so many shaved legs n veins!! The swim was great as always but the main focus for today was a training session in the Natural Energy Lab of Hawaii. This is basically a solar energy plant. The plan was to run 1 mile to the Lab from a shopping precinct, run the Lab and run back a total of 10k. I wasn't alone, with a few people having the same idea. So what to say about the Lab, well It certainly didn't disappoint!! The run there was OK, warm, but OK, then came the shock, about half a mile in, down a small desent, the hot sea breeze hit me. There is a smell of things burning in the air, including me!! from that point in you just have to shut off and tap it out. This is the easy bit though. Once you turn the wind is on your back. I can honestly say I don't know how people don't die in there. There isn't really any words to explain the heat. If you consider this is mile 16 to 20 on the race when you really are suffering, it brings a whole new meaning to the phrase 'digging deep'. Back out of the lab though and thing seem a whole lot better. I can see now how peoples dreams die in the Lab, I just hope mine don't on Saturday. On a Lighter note though as I write this I and waiting to go ang pick up Marlon. I booked him on a Deep Sea fishing trip as a thank you for looking after me for the week. The guide was telling him all about the 300lb marlin he had landed yesterday as I left for my run. To say he was excited would be an understatement. Give me the Lab any day!!!!!


Take it easy


Joe D

Joe Duckworth

I am a 49 year old airport firefighter. I am married to Johanna and I have two daughters Anna & Lucy (my main support network).